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  Map: Monterey Section 17 |   Point: mon17-

Name or Prominent Feature:
El Sur ridge, west
Area: Old Coast Road
UTM Coordinates
- Zone: 10
- Easting: 603132
- Northing: 4017939
Decimal Degrees Coordinates
- Longitude: 0
- Latitude: 0
Location: Old Coast Road at west ridge off El Sur hill
Nearest Milepost
- Route: Hwy 1
- Mile Number:
  • Improved Surface
  • Viewpoint

  • Rounding the bend at the ridge of El Sur hill, the view widens to show Point Sur on the north and Molera Point and Pfeiffer Ridge to the south. The trail/road follows the contours around to rejoin the highway at the entrance to Molera State Park.


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    • mon-1006-216
      • The lowlands of Molera SP can be seen, with Big Sur River running through the middle and Molera Point at the shore.