Mendocino Section 4

This section is characterized by tough ascents and descents as you hike through heavily wooded mountains and frequently emerge onto grassy open areas that provide excellent coastal views. Wildflowers, blackberries, and poison oak abound. Lack of trail maintenance has resulted in obstacles like fallen trees, slides, and overgrowth that make hiking a bit challenging, but a worthwhile adventure. Along the contours above Northport Gulch, there are dense stands of aggressively invasive pampas grass.

Little Jackass Creek offers good camping on the beach about mile below the trail. Turn towards the beach at the pit toilet on the north side of the creek. Anderson Gulch offers a cool, shady canyon with a pleasant stream in the redwoods and two small campsites just above the gulch on the north slope of the canyon. Dark Gulch is a classic grotto in the redwoods, with ferns and a cool, sparkling stream for a welcome rest stop before ascending the steep trail going either north or south.

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