Los Angeles Section 14

The north-facing and a portion of the west-facing sides of the Palos Verdes Peninsula are in Palos Verdes Estates. This early "planned community" was designed by the Olmstead Brothers who also designed New York's Central Park. The whole city has bands of parkland.

The coastal blufftops are divided into stretches of private development and privately owned but publicly accessible shoreline preserves. In some places, the California Coastal Trail follows the bluffs in unmaintained "native habitat" with spectacular vistas. In other places, it is relegated to residential streets in front of beautifully landscaped mansions, without sidewalks and without any view of the ocean.

The shoreline is traversable at low tide. There are many treacherous "surfer trails" to the shoreline. Official access routes exist only at Malaga Cove and Bluff Cove. [Sunshine]

Photo: Bluff Cove -- Flat Rock Point -- Redondo Beach (George Neuner)

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