Los Angeles Section 13

King Harbor, at the north end of Redondo Beach, is a bustling marina, filled with sail and power boats and surrounded by apartment buildings, condominiums, restaurants, and shops. There is even a power plant towering over the scene. With all this development, there is still good public access ? sidewalks along the marina?s edge, public piers, and a saltwater lagoon for swimming. The Redondo Pier is a great place for family outings.

The southern portion of Redondo Beach is in fact a beach. Here we have a walking and a bicycle path on the beach, and a promenade at the top of the bluffs for strolling or riding. Ramps and stairs connect the promenade to the beach. Efforts are underway to eliminate invasive species and restore the bluffs with native vegetation. (Stan Bluhm)

Photos: Santa Monica Bay (George Neuner)

Torrance Beach (GN)

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