Los Angeles Section 12

Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach are primarily residential communities with densely packed housing perched on sand dunes. Both have vibrant downtown areas, with shops, restaurants and lodging available. Both also have broad beaches with unlimited public access and a wide range of recreational opportunities.

This is the capital of beach volleyball; hundreds of courts are set up on the sandy beaches. Surfing and swimming are very popular, and fishing from the piers is good. Dolphins frolic in the surf and pelicans soar overhead.

The Strand provides a continuous scenic walkway along the beach with no visual obstruction and no vehicular traffic. The South Bay Bicycle Path offers a place for cruising or for serious riding. Beach wheelchairs with fat tires are available for public use at selected locations. The Veterans? Parkway/Hermosa Greenbelt, about mile inland, provides a tree- lined walking path along an abandoned railroad right of way. [Stan Bluhm]

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