Mendocino County

The Coastal Trail begins auspiciously here in wilderness-backpacking country as it traverses the length of the Sinkyone Wilderness State Park. But past Usal, the trail all too often is forced to the shoulders of Highway One. Of its some 130 miles in Mendocino County, 40 percent of the CCT is on this highway; an additional 20 percent is on secondary roads. But even while on roadways, the coastal views are spectacular. And the coast is dotted with state and local parks: Westport-Union Landing State Beach, Bruhel Point, MacKerricher State Park, Point Cabrillo, Van Damme State Park, Manchester State Beach, not to mention picturesque towns and villages like Mendocino and Pt. Arena. Ongoing work by numerous local trail and environmental activist groups will continue to add off-road miles to the CCT in the years to come. [Jon Breyfogle]

WestPort-Union Landing State Beach [Tim Hauf]
Backpackers in Sinkyone Wilderness State Park [Don Nierlich]

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