San Diego Northern County

The northern San Diego County coast includes many small towns, two military bases, and picturesque coves and wetlands. It begins with a marine base, Camp Pendleton, encompassing over 100,000 acres. If you are fortunate enough to walk its 10 miles of shoreline (the bike trail, but not the beach, is currently open), you will likely be witness to military maneuvers. Beyond the base is Oceanside, with shops, the Oceanside Pier, and a train station just one block from the beach. A series of charming beach communities follow the coast south, with an occasional campground and several impressive wetlands, ending at Torrey Pines State Beach with its unique trees and Black's Beach (clothing optional but nudity illegal). [Steve Kononenko]

Tranquility for two below the bluffs --Torrey Pines State Beach [Bill Sullivan]

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