Humboldt Northern County

The northern portion of California?s longest coastal county presents wonderful opportunities for those who love the shoreline and for hikers of the Coastal Trail. Beginning on the remote beaches of Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park and continuing into Redwood National Park, hikers will walk beside Freshwater, Stone and Big Lagoons before entering Patrick?s Point State Park. From here south through Trinidad and on to the mouth of the Little River, the trail follows the rough coastline along secondary roads. From Little River to Centerville Beach you?ll travel along sandy beaches. To the east lie Humboldt Bay, the main cities of Eureka and Arcata and the Eel River estuary. [Jon Breyfogle]

CTE '03 hikers get a hand over Sharp Point (Humboldt Lagoons State Beach) when beach below was flooded. [Al Seib, Los Angeles Times]

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