Los Angeles Western County

Los Angeles County has 81 miles of coastline, much of it heavily developed. Yet anyone can experience solitude on a sandy beach or a seaside mountain-slope here. Much of the County?s coastline wraps around Santa Monica Bay. Along the northern arc of this bay lie the Santa Monica Mountains. The south-facing slope of these mountains extends into the sea, providing memorable scenery orologi replica panerai and a unique Mediterranean climate. Springtime wildflowers are spectacular here. The shoreline boasts numerous State Beaches: some, like Zuma, are broad and sandy, while others are pocket beaches in rock-protected coves. Coastal access in the more heavily developed areas is problematic. However, the beach up to the mean-high-tide-line is public and can be walked almost its entire length by respecting tides and private property. [Stan Bluhm]

Spring wildflowers and yucca blooms along the Santa Monica Mountains Backbone Trail [Tim Hauf]

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